Shipping a Car to Saipan

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    Car shipping services costs to Saipan as low as $1950.

Shipping a car from USA to Saipan? Our team of expert shipping agents will assist you through the whole vehicle shipping process – from Customs paperwork to arranging for vehicle pickup and delivery – we are always just a phone call away.

Read on below to learn more about the car shipping solutions we offer, including enclosed container and roll-on/roll-off vehicle shipping to Saipan. Our agents can help you determine the best option for your budget and schedule.

With several locations across the United States, we can arrange for vehicle pickup or drop off at one of our convenient locations. Our Saipan Shipping Guide below has additional information on vehicle and documentation requirements for importing a vehicle to Saipan from mainland USA.

Questions? Get in touch with our team. If you’re ready to get started with shipping your vehicle to Saipan, request a free online quote on the right – we guarantee a response within 24 hours.

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Saipan Car Shipping and Import GuideThe Saipan Shipping Guide below discusses car shipping to Guam. For general information and to view common questions about shipping a vehicle, visit our worldwide vehicle shipping page.

Car Shipping Guide: Car Shipping to Saipan

Where do we ship to?

CFR Rinkens can arrange for vehicle shipping services to just about any worldwide destination. We offer vehicle shipping services from mainland USA to Saipan, the capital island of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI).

If you’re looking for vehicle shipping to Guam, visit our Car Shipping from USA to Guam Guide.

What are the car shipping costs to Saipan?

Shipping costs are determined by a variety of factors, including where your shipment originates, chosen method of shipping and your vehicle’s specifications. Vehicle shipping costs to Saipan may also include extra charges, taxes and dues. The best way to determine the total cost to ship a vehicle to Saipan from the USA is to request an online quote.

Our shipping specialists will help you through the entire process shipping a vehicle from mainland USA to Saipan, and are always just a phone call away at 1-888-886-6683.

What are the differences between car shipping methods?

Roll-On / Roll-Off Car Shipping Service – Our most budget friendly option. Vehicles are driven onto a large loading area, similar to a parking garage, where they are secured for overseas shipping to Saipan. Unlike our enclosed container shipping services, the only added charges are customs clearance and port expenses.

Shared Container Service – Our best value option! Vehicles are securely loaded into an enclosed ocean container, along with several vehicles that will share in the added expenses for container shipping. These include: customs fees, terminal handling, unloading and trucking charges.

How do we fit several vehicles into a single container? Cars are loaded and stacked using a steel loading system that allows the safe and secure loading of multiple vehicles, without relying on potentially damaging wood and nails.

Unlike Roll-On/Roll-Off car shipping, you’ll have the added security of a fully enclosed container with no exposure to the elements. However, the container must reach capacity prior to shipping, so you might experience a longer wait time before your vehicle ships out to Saipan.

Full Container Load – Our top of the line car shipping solution! Just like our shared container service, enjoy the advantage of a fully enclosed shipping container that will contain solely your vehicle. Added terminal handling expenses won’t be shared with other vehicle owners, but there won’t be an added wait for the container to reach capacity. You’ll enjoy a shorter wait before the vehicle ships out.

Once CFR receives your vehicle, our agents will photograph and record the vehicle’s condition. Vehicles are carefully loaded using our steel loading framework, ensuring safe and secure shipping. When the vehicle is loaded as a full container load, it is locked and secured for transport so that it can’t be accessed before reaching its destination in Saipan. We invite our customers to transport additional items inside the vehicle, since the car will be fully enclosed in a secure container. However, please make sure everything is packed securely, as we won’t be responsible for any damages.

Upon arrival in Saipan, our shipping agents will unlock the container, make note of the vehicle’s condition into our guaranteed condition report. Compared to our Roll-On/Roll-Off Service, enclosed container transport to Saipan is safer, as well as quicker thanks to regular weekly departures.

Car Shipping Guide: Car Shipping from USA to Saipan

As a US territory, when shipping a car to Saipan from mainland USA, vehicles are subject to USA emission standards. Vehicles that don’t meet USA emission requirements will be shipped back at the owner’s expense. CFR provides the following vehicle import information for your convenience, but these regulations can and do change without notice. Get in touch with one of our expert shipping agents if you have any questions.

Saipan Vehicle Import Taxes and Duties

Import Tax: 5% duty for import vehicles to Saipan

Documentation Needed

Required documents for vehicle import to Saipan:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Driver’s License and Valid Insurance Policy
  • Purchase Invoice (Original)
  • Title & Vehicle Registration (Original)
  • Ocean Bill of Lading (Specifying brand and model, year, cubic capacity, as well as chassis and engine numbers)
  • Manufacturer’s Letter of Compliance stating the vehicle meets USA emissions and Department of Transportation standards.
Steps when shipping a car to Saipan

Importing a car to Saipan from mainland USA will be fast, easy and secure with CFR Rinkens. Our expert shipping agents are always just a phone a call away, and are ready to help you through the entire car shipping process to Saipan.

  1. Request a free online quote or get in touch with one of our experienced shipping agents.
  2. Schedule pickup of your vehicle, or drop off at one of our convenient locations.
  3. Once we receive your vehicle, our agents will record its arrival condition in our guaranteed condition report. Total travel time to Saipan will vary, depending on your chosen method of shipping.
  4. Upon arrival in Saipan, vehicles are inspected by Saipan Customs. Customs officers will also verify the vehicle’s documentation.
  5. Vehicles are released after Import duties and taxes are paid to Saipan Customs.
Additional Services for Car Shipping to Saipan

Escrow services – CFR Rinkens can collect payment from buyers, verify vehicle documentation and condition, as well as issue funds to the seller after vehicle verification and delivery. Enjoy a secure car buying process by hiring us!

Sourcing vehicles – For a small fee, our shipping agents can assist overseas clients with vehicle sourcing and car buying. Take advantage of the network of reputable car buyers we’ve developed in our over twenty years as leaders in the shipping industry.

Ready to ship? Request a free online quote for car shipping from USA to Saipan – guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Car Shipping from USA to Guam via Container CFR Rinkens

Car shipping from mainland USA to Saipan will be easy, fast and secure with CFR’s shipping experts assisting you every step of the way. Request a quote or give us a call at 1-888-886-6683 for professional car shipping services from USA to Saipan.

If you need additional information for vehicle shipping overseas, we’ve prepared these convenient online vehicle shipping guides with info specific to each country, including steps when shipping your vehicle overseas, as well as customs and vehicle homologation info.
Don’t see the country you’re looking for? We work with shipping agents all over the world and can assist you with all your worldwide vehicle shipping needs. Request a quote above, or give us a call at 1-888-886-6683.


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