Import a Car from USA to Ukraine

Importing a Car from the USA to Ukraine

Importing Your Car to Ukraine? Importing a Car to Ukraine from the USA starts at a cost of $650.00 USD with an estimated turnaround time of 4-6 weeks, depending on the make and model of the vehicle and whether the origin in the USA is on the east or west coast. Below, our 2020 guide will explore everything you need to know about car shipping to Ukraine.

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Want more information on car import services to Ukraine from the USA?

Read on below for our US to Ukraine Vehicle Import Checklist, Vehicle Import Options, US to Ukraine Car Import Costs & Time Frame, US to Ukraine Vehicle Import Options, Ports Served in the US & Ukraine, and other details on how to Import a Car from USA to Ukraine.


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US to Ukraine Vehicle Import Checklist

Here’s a rough breakdown of the process you will need to go through to import your vehicle to Ukraine.
  • Gather all necessary vehicle documentation, including:

    • Purchase Invoice

    • Original Title & Registration

    • License Plate

    • Passport & Visa

  • Understand the costs of importing a vehicle, including:

    • Freight and insurance charges when importing your vehicle

    • Wharf, transport, storage and delivery charges after your vehicle arrives

    • Duties, taxes and fees

    • Cleaning the undercarriage of foreign soil

    • Registration and insurance requirements in the relevant Ukrainian State or Territory

    • Other charges such as import processing, customs brokers’, and logistics service provider charges

  • Select an international car import company and preferred transport method to ship your vehicle from the United States to Ukraine
  • Determine your vehicle’s departure and destination ports
  • Confirm the vehicle’s undercarriage is clean and free of foreign soil
  • If you wish to register your vehicle for road use in Ukraine, you will need to submit an application form along with required documentation.

More information on the process of importing a vehicle to Ukraine can be found at the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Vehicle Import Options

As you engage in the vehicle import process, some of the most important questions to consider include:

  • Whether you plan to permanently keep the car in Ukraine or if it’s just a temporary move

  • Whether you have been the owner of the car for at least 6 months

  • Whether you’re importing a new or used vehicle.

These questions and more will determine whether your car is eligible for import to Ukraine. You should never assume your scenario is the same as someone else’s. Some vehicles such as used cars may have eligibility requirements that differ from those for newer vehicles for import into Ukraine. To obtain an estimate of the cost to import a car to Ukraine, fill out our free quick quote form.

Vehicle Import Approval

Upon arrival of your vehicle import to Ukraine, a customs declaration must be made.

Some of the documentation you will need includes:

  • Purchase Invoice
  • Original certificate of registration, for previously registered vehicles

Things to Consider

  • CFR can also assist with the import of damaged vehicles to Ukraine. Damaged, or salvaged cars, are usually those that have been deemed an insurance write-off, and typically sold at salvage vehicle auctions. Salvage car import to Ukraine is possible since vehicles can be fixed or utilized for parts.

US to Ukraine Car Import Costs & Time Frame

Using a baseline of a compact car being imported to Ukraine from the Port of Los Angeles to the Port of Odessa, our estimate for importing a vehicle from USA to Ukraine starts at a cost of $650.00 USD with an estimated turnaround time of 4-6 weeks.

However, the cost to import a vehicle to Ukraine can vary according to factors such as the model and make of your vehicle, your current location, the nearest departure port in the USA, your transport method of choice, availability of your chosen services and your final destination.

Additionally, you will need to consider costs such as storage, cleaning, other vendor fees, and Ukrainian taxes & duties.

Taxes & Duties for Ukraine Car Import

VAT, import duties, and sales tax are all required upon vehicle import to Ukraine and will vary depending on the value of your vehicle.

How is customs clearance calculated?

Newly passed laws in the Ukraine establish an updated formula for calculating the excise duty: Base rate (EUR 50 for gas vehicles and EUR 75 for diesel vehicles) x cubic capacity x the age of the vehicle.

In addition to the base excise duty rate, the customs clearance cost also includes:

  • 20% VAT
  • 10% Import Duty
  • 3-5% Pension Fund Contribution

Base rates:

  • The base rate for gasoline engines up to 3000 cm3 = 50 euros;
  • The base rate for gasoline engines with a volume of over 3000 cm3 = 100 euros;
  • The base rate for diesel engines up to 3500 cm3 = 75 euros;
  • The base rate for diesel engines with a volume of over 3500 cm3 = 150 euros;

The engine volume factor and the vehicle age coefficient will be applied to the base rates. The engine volume factor will be determined by dividing the engine cylinder volume (in cubic cm) of the car by 1000 cubic meters. cm.

The vehicle age coefficient is equal to the total number of years of the vehicle. At the same time, for new cars and cars that were used up to one year, the coefficient is 1, and for vehicles that have been used for more than 15 full calendar years – 15.

An exclusively electric motor is possible without paying VAT and import duties and excises. Such standards will be valid until at least the end of 2022.

As for hybrid cars, the law spells out a tax rate of 100 euros per 1 piece.

Customs clearance calculation example: The main principle is this: the older the car and the larger its engine capacity, the more excise tax you will need to pay for it.

According to the proposed formula, the excise tax on a car with a gasoline engine of 1600 cubic meters. cm, which is five years old, will be 400 euros.

Calculation example: The excise tax for a 5 year old car with a gasoline engine of 1,600 cm3 is equal to = 50 euros (base rate for a car with an engine capacity of up to 3000 cm3) x 1.6 (engine displacement coefficient) x 5 (age coefficient) = 400 € (Euro)

*To calculate the total cost of customs clearance, add 20% VAT, 10% import duty and 3-5% Pension Fund to excise tax.

The amount of taxes and import duties payable when importing a car to Ukraine from the US will vary and depends on the details of your shipment. To obtain an estimate of the cost to import a car to Ukraine, fill out our free quick quote form.

US to Ukraine Vehicle Import Options

Car import to Ukraine from the United States can be made using Roll-On/Roll-Off, shared container, or sole container service.


Roll-On/Roll-Off – Best for working vehicles. Cars are driven into a large area in the shipping vessel, similar to a parking garage, and secured for transport. The only added costs are port and customs fees, making this our most budget friendly option for vehicles imported to Ukraine from the US.


Shared Container Service – Multiple vehicles are safely loaded into a fully enclosed 40ft container which will share in the added charges incurred by container shipping. These include terminal handling, trucking and unloading charges, in addition to customs clearance fees. Cars are loaded using our state-of-the-art steel loading racks, allowing us to securely load multiple vehicles into a single enclosed container. Vehicles are protected from the weather and other elements during travel to Ukraine from the States.

You’ll enjoy the added security and peace of mind of a fully enclosed container but might have a longer wait before your vehicle ships out as the container must reach capacity before shipping.


Full Container Load – Vehicle is loaded into a dedicated container. Enjoy the benefit of a fully enclosed container without the added time of waiting for container capacity. Note that terminal and container handling fees won’t be shared with other car owners. Take advantage of the added security of a fully enclosed container – your vehicle(s) will be loaded by our professional staff using our industry-leading steel loading system that allows us to load multiple vehicles into a single container.

Upon arrival at our warehouse, your vehicle’s condition and complete loading process will be photographed and included in our guaranteed condition report. Your container will be secured after loading and won’t be accessible until its arrival at its final destination. You are welcome to transport other items in your vehicle- Please note however, that all items must be loaded safely, as we are not responsible for any loss or harm of any sort.

Once your car arrives at the Odessa, Ukraine port from the United States, our authorized agent will access the container, photograph the car’s arrival condition and unloading process.

Thanks to frequent weekly departures, our enclosed container shipping option is not only more secure, but faster than our Roll-On/Roll-Off service from the US.

Additional Services


Sourcing Vehicles – We have developed a wide network of car buyers throughout our time in the shipping industry and are ready to help overseas clients with car purchases for a nominal fee.


Other Services – Some of the auto transport services we offer in overseas territories include domestic pickup, vehicle import assistance, tracking of your shipment, customs clearance in the USA and a full vehicle inspection report.

Ports Served in the US and Ukraine

Departure Ports – United States

The location your vehicle will depart from depends on the method of car import to Ukraine, where your vehicle is located, your budget and which services the nearest port offers. We have multiple departure locations in the USA, including Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Miami, Savannah and more.

Destination Ports – Ukraine

CFR Rinkens can arrange for vehicle import services to just about any worldwide destination. Here are the Ukraine entry ports that we can import your vehicle to:

  • Odessa*
  • Pivdennyi (old name Yuzhny)
  • Chornomorsk
*After arrival to the port of Odessa, Ukraine CFR can also arrange for vehicle transport to Moldova.

Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Undercarriage

Before importing your vehicle to Ukraine, the undercarriage must be cleaned and free of foreign soil to prevent the introduction of invasive plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms.

This can be accomplished through steam cleaning or other thorough cleaning methods.

CFR Rinkens can assist with finding an appropriate cleaner to help ensure you comply with this requirement. We do not recommend washing the interior of the vehicle as it can cause mold during transport. Vacuuming the interior is usually more than sufficient.

Plating Your Vehicle in Ukraine

After arrival of your vehicle import to Ukraine from the US, it must be registered.

After customs clearance, the service will give you:

  • A copy of the customs declaration.
  • A certificate of clearance: you must present this certificate, which justifies that you paid the duties and taxes, to the prefecture where your vehicle will be registered.
  • A certificate of conformity: which confirms that the car fully complies with the standards of operation and is technically suitable for use in Ukraine.

This package of documents will allow you to register a vehicle in Ukraine and get a technical passport.

For the latest regulations, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, as import and registration rules can and do change often.

Other Ukraine/US Import Options