Car Shipping from USA to the Netherlands

Shipping a car from the USA to the Netherlands can seem like a near-impossible task, but with help from specialists it is actually a lot easier than you might think. Whether you’re going on an extended vacation or are permanently moving to the Netherlands from the USA, we make transporting your car simple, safe and fast.

While there are several methods for car shipping to the Netherlands, we particularly recommend the shared container service, which ensures that a car not only remains enclosed throughout the journey but is also more affordable.

Each car that is loaded onto the container will be meticulously locked and braced by car moving specialists, who will see to it that it is securely shipped over to the final destination. Customs clearance will be handled by our export specialists stationed in the US, and when your vehicle arrives in the Netherlands our agents will facilitate port clearance.

The cost of shipping a vehicle to the Netherlands varies depending on the car model, the shipping method and the location of the final destination.

CFR Rinkens Car Shipping from USA to Netherlands

While you will be assisted by specialists when preparing all paperwork and documentation for shipping from the USA to the Netherlands, do ensure that you obtain the latest information on taxes and duties, which can and do change at short notice.

The below guide focuses on car shipping to the Netherlands from the USA. To get general information and view common questions about shipping a vehicle, visit this page.

**Our warehouse locations include Los Angeles, Miami and New York**

Car Shipping Costs to the Netherlands

How much it will cost you to ship a car to the Netherlands depends on various factors such as the type of vehicle, your final destination, the American departure port closest to you, which shipping method you prefer to use and the availability of that particular shipping method.

The amount of import duties and taxes payable when shipping a car to the Netherlands from the US depends a great deal on the particulars of your consignment, including where you’re shipping your vehicle from.

If you are moving to the Netherlands from the USA and intend to change your place of residence, if that hasn’t been done yet, you will be allowed just one opportunity to import a vehicle without having to pay duties and VAT.

The precise requirements in order to be eligible for the above offer are detailed further below. To summarize, you must have already paid sales tax on the vehicle in the USA, owned it for over six months before the impending import and have resided outside the EU for 12 months prior to shipping.

If your ownership of the car is no longer than six months or you fail to meet any of the other requirements for eligibility, you will not be able to obtain the exemption and will thus have to pay import duties and VAT.

Your car will also have to undergo Dutch homologation, which our shipping specialists can certainly assist you with.


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What ports we ship to

CFR Rinkens ships to the following ports in the Netherlands:

  • Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam
How do costs vary based on the method of shipping?

Roll-on/roll-off – Vehicles will be loaded into a vessel containing a cargo area which resembles a spacious parking garage. This option tends to cost less than others. You pay only port charges and customs clearance charges together with the shipping charge.

Shared container service – A single container will be used to ship multiple vehicles at the same time. More fees are collected in comparison with the roll-on/roll-off method as the container must be processed, which can then be split between the various clients using the same container. Fees might include a terminal handling charge, trucking charge, charge for uploading the vehicles at a bonded warehouse and customs clearance fees.

One of the disadvantages of using this method is that its use might be subject to a longer wait, since a full load must be obtained from other clients before the container can depart.

Full container load – This method resembles the shared container load, except that there is only one vehicle per container. The fees payable also correspond to those for the full container load, except that they are borne by one client.

One of the benefits of using this method is the high level of security afforded to the vehicle being shipped. The vehicle will be received by professionals, and photos will be taken of the vehicle and the loading process. While it is being loaded, the container will be locked, and the vehicle will not be touched until it arrives safely at the final destination. At this point, an agent will open the container and photograph the unloading process. Due to the inaccessible nature of the container, other items can also be shipped inside the car. However it is crucial to pack all items securely as we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

This shipping method tends to be faster as there are weekly departures, in contrast with roll-on/roll-off services, which may not have weekly departures.

Unlike other companies, we do not use wood ramps, preferring instead to use a steel loading system that is more effective at preventing loss or damage.

Additional services

Escrow services – We can assist with vehicle sales by collecting the purchase moneys from the buyer. After we have inspected the condition of the vehicle and handled all the paperwork, we will then pass the money on to the seller and pick up the vehicle.

Sourcing vehicles – Thanks to our comprehensive list of car buyers, we can assist with vehicle purchases by sourcing for cars and buying them for overseas clients in exchange for a commission or additional fee.

To receive a quotation, please visit our Rate Request page.

Things to Consider

Steps when Shipping a Car

Shipping a car to Holland

There are a few steps involved when shipping a car to Holland. The key is to stay up to date on the requirements for registration and customs in order to avoid any roadblocks along the way.

Step 1: You will need to supply a few documents to enable us to arrange for customs clearance, including:

  • The bill of sale or invoice for the car purchase
  • The certificate of title or ownership
  • A receipt to prove sales tax (equivalent to VAT) has been paid
  • Certificate of insurance for at least six months before import
  • Proof of residency outside the EU for a minimum of 12 months before relocation

If you satisfy certain requirements, you will be permitted to ship a car from the USA to Holland as part of your household and personal effects. This means you will be exempt from paying duties and VAT on your car.

The same rules apply when shipping a motorcycle to the Netherlands, so long as it is for personal and not commercial use. Remember to apply for the permit in advance if you are eligible.

Step 2: Registering Your Vehicle in Holland

You will need the following:

  • Proof of identify (passport or ID card)
  • Conformiteitsverklaring, Dutch version of a certificate of conformity
  • Proof of residence, usually in the form of local community registration
  • A customs clearance certificate (certificaat van inklaring)
  • A copy of the title of the car

While moving to Holland from the USA can seem like a mammoth task, an auto shipping specialist can make things a lot easier. If you have any questions at all about shipping a car from the USA to the Netherlands, have a chat with one of our professionals at 1-888-886-6683 or use our quote form to receive a free estimate!

If you need additional information for vehicle shipping overseas, we’ve prepared these convenient online vehicle shipping guides with info specific to each country, including steps when shipping your vehicle overseas, as well as customs and vehicle homologation info.
Don’t see the country you’re looking for? We work with shipping agents all over the world and can assist you with all your worldwide vehicle shipping needs. Request a quote above, or give us a call at 1-888-886-6683.


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