Car Shipping from USA to Germany

So you’re moving to Germany from the USA and have made the choice to ship a car from the USA to Germany. This is a big decision, and you have not only to consider the entire process, but also the cost to ship a car to Germany.

Our team of auto shipping specialists have 17 years of experience with shipping cars.

The two most common methods you can use to ship your car from the USA to Germany are container or roll-on/roll-off. Most people shipping a vehicle to Germany opt for one of the above methods, although we also provide air freight services.

If you opt to use container services, which we highly recommend, you can choose to ship your vehicle to Germany in a 20ft sole use container. Alternatively, you can enjoy our specialized consolidated shipping service, which will have your car loaded into a 40ft container together with other vehicles.

If you elect to use a roll-on/roll-off car shipping service, your car will be driven into the belly of a large vessel, and then secured and braced to ensure it doesn’t move on the journey to your destination.

The below guide focuses on car shipping to Germany from the USA. To obtain general information and answers to common questions about shipping a vehicle, visit this page.


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Things to Consider

Car Shipping Costs to Germany

The cost to ship a car to Germany can vary depending on several factors including your vehicle model, where you are located and the closest departure port to you in the USA, the shipping method you select, availability, and your final destination.

Car shipping to Germany can be easy with our shipping experts assisting you every step of the way. Request a quote online or call 1-888-886-6683.

CFR Rinkens Car Shipping from USA to Germany

How do costs vary based on the method of shipping?

Roll-on/roll-off – Vehicles are loaded into a vessel containing a large cargo area that resembles a big parking garage. This option tends to be more affordable as other than shipping charges, the only charges that need to be paid are port charges and customs clearance charges.

Shared container service – A single container will be used to transport multiple vehicles. More fees are involved than with the roll-on/roll-off shipping method as the container will have to be processed; however, these fees are divided between the multiple vehicle owners using the container. These fees include a terminal handling charge, a trucking charge, unloading charges for when the vehicle reaches a bonded warehouse, and customs clearance charges.

One downside of this method is that shipping is only possible when there are enough vehicles to fill up the container, so there might be a wait if the requisite number has not been reached.

Full container load – this resembles the shared container service, except that each container is limited to one vehicle. Fees, which match those that must be paid for the shared container service, are similar except that they are not divided between several clients.

Container loading offers a very high level of security. Upon receipt of the vehicle, photographs will be taken of the vehicle itself and the loading process, and the container door will be locked. The vehicle will not be accessible by anyone until arrival at the final destination when the container is opened by one of our agents. Photographs will once again be taken to document the unloading process. As the vehicle remains completely secure throughout the entire process, items can also be loaded into the vehicle and transported along with it; however, it is advisable to pack and load all items securely as we will not be liable for any loss or damage.

This shipping method tends to be faster as there are weekly departures, more than are possible with the roll-on/roll-off service.

We use only a steel loading system for added protection against loss and damage, unlike other companies who use wood ramps.

Additional services

Escrow services – We facilitate vehicle sales by collecting the funds paid by the purchaser. Once the condition of the vehicle has been verified and the paperwork completed, we transfer the funds to the seller and collect the vehicle.

Sourcing vehicles – Vehicle owners wishing to sell their cars can benefit from our comprehensive list of car buyers, who source for and buy vehicles for clients located overseas for an additional fee or commission.

To receive a quotation, please visit our Rate Request page.

What ports we ship to

CFR Rinkens ships to the following ports in Germany:

  • Antwerp
  • Rotterdam
  • Bremerhaven
  • Hamburg
German Homologation

Clients wishing to ship a vehicle to Germany need to comply with the German government’s legal and technical regulations.

Once your vehicle has satisfied all the necessary conditions, you will be issued a certificate by a government body authorising you to send your vehicle to Germany.

To avoid confusion, our agent stationed at the destination can assist with all the process.

Importing – Taxes and Duties

The USA is not a member state of the EU, therefore anyone shipping a vehicle to Germany needs to pay certain duties, as well as a value added tax amounting to 19.6%.

There are some exceptions to the above. For instance, those who are shipping their vehicle over for a holiday or intend to travel through Germany to another destination need only pay a deposit. Once the vehicle has exited Germany or is registered in another country, you will receive a refund. Temporary stays are limited to a duration of 12 months.

US citizens moving overseas who want to ship a vehicle to Germany can opt to import their cars as part of their personal belongs so long as the vehicle has been owned for over 6 months and is not brand new.

In the above case, you will not have to pay VAT tax or duties. The above is a one-time offer only.

If you are a citizen of the EU and have resided in the USA for over one year, and have owned the vehicle you wish to ship for longer than 6 months, you will be allotted a tax-free import that can only be used once.

All clients are advised to speak with the German embassy before their big move, as taxes and duties can and do change, usually without notice.

How long it takes

When you receive an estimated time frame, it indicates the duration for a port to port service to be completed. All necessary documents should be provided to us on the spot, the vehicle should be prepared to depart immediately and all other vehicles required to fill the container should already have been arranged for.

Some of the other European destinations to which we ship cars have several ports, and time frames can vary depending on which is used.

If you have any other questions about shipping your vehicle to Germany from the USA, feel free to contact one of our specialists or receive a free quotation using our quote form.

Fahrzeug-Verschiffung von den USA nach Deutschland

Sie ziehen von den USA nach Deutschland und haben beschlossen ein Fahrzeug von den USA nach Deutschland mitzunehmen. Dies ist eine gute Entscheidung und Sie sollten nicht nur den gesamten Prozess betrachten, sondern auch die Kosten berücksichtigen.

Unser Team bestehend aus Speziallisten hat 17 Jahre Erfahrung mit der Verschiffung von Fahrzeugen.

Die beiden häufigsten Methoden, um Ihr Auto aus den USA nach Deutschland zu versenden sind im Container oder Roll-on / Roll-off. Die meisten Personen, welche ein Fahrzeug nach Deutschland transportieren, entscheiden sich für eine der beiden oben genannten Methoden. Zudem bieten wir auch Luftfracht-Dienstleistungen an.

Wenn Sie sich für eine Container-Verschiffung entscheiden, was wir empfehlen würden, können Sie Ihr Fahrzeug in einem 20-Fuß-Container (Einzelverladung) nach Deutschland versenden.

Alternativ können Sie aber auch Ihr Fahrzeug in Sammelladung verschiffen. Dort haben Sie die Möglichkeit Ihr Auto in einen 40-Fuß-Container zusammen mit anderen Fahrzeugen zu verladen.

Wenn Sie sich für den Roll-on / Roll-off Service entscheiden, wird Ihr Fahrzeug auf eigener Achse auf eine RoRo-Fähre transportiert.

Allgemeine Informationen und Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen finden Sie auf dem hier folgenden Link

Kosten für eine Fahrzeug-Verschiffung nach Deutschland

Die Kosten um ein Auto nach Deutschland zu versenden sind abhängig von mehreren Faktoren u.a. vom Modell, dem Abfahrtshafen, der Versandmethode, der Verfügbarkeit und dem Zielort.

Wie unterscheiden sich die Kosten zwischen Roll-on / Roll-off und einer Containerverschiffung?

Roll-on / Roll-off – Fahrzeuge werden mit einer RoRo-Fähre transportiert. Diese Option ist tendenziell günstiger da außer der Seefracht die Hafengebühren (THC – Terminal Handling Charge) günstiger sind, als bei einer Container-Verschiffung.

Sammel-Container – Ein Container wird verwendet, um mehrere Fahrzeuge zu transportieren. Es fallen Terminal Handling Charge, der Containerrundlauf und die Entladung an, diese Kosten werden auf die jeweiligen Fahrzeuge umgelegt.

Ein Nachteil der Sammelladung ist, dass diese nur möglich ist, wenn genügend Fahrzeuge vorhanden sind, sonst könnte es zu Wartezeiten kommen.

Container-Verschiffungen bieten ein sehr hohes Maß an Sicherheit. Beim Empfang des Fahrzeuges werden Bilder des Fahrzeuges und natürlich vom Ladevorgang erstellt. Das Fahrzeug ist somit bis zur Ankunft am Zielort sicher im Container verpackt und durch Fremde geschützt. Wenn dann bei Ankunft der Container von einem unserer Agenten geöffnet wird, wird die Entladung selbstverständlich dokumentiert. Da das Fahrzeug über den gesamten Prozess vollständig gesichert ist, kann teilweise auch etwas in das Fahrzeug dazu geladen werden. Allerdings ist es ratsam, Einzelteile zu verpacken. Wir übernehmen keine Haftung für Verluste oder Schäden.

Die Container-Verschiffung ist schneller, da im Gegensatz zu Roll-on / Roll-off, mehr Abfahrten angeboten werden.


If you need additional information for vehicle shipping overseas, we’ve prepared these convenient online vehicle shipping guides with info specific to each country, including steps when shipping your vehicle overseas, as well as customs and vehicle homologation info.
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